Recruitment vs World Cup


Recruitment vs World Cup

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..As the nation gets ready to enjoy the spectacle of the World Cup, I can’t help but compare recruitment to this great tournament…

Warm up games are very much like the preparatory work that we do as recruiters, when we’re thinking about which clients and candidates to network with and the reasons why we wish to engage with them… It is usually here, that you build your ‘pipeline’ and expectancy for the future.

Winning your World Cup ‘warm up’ games usually sets the tone for how the tournament will go, hence the comparison.

Now, let’s move on to the very first game of the tournament – I will liken this to the moment that you either secure the opportunity to work with a client, and/or put your candidate in front of a potential hirer… How well you execute this process, is a ‘bench mark’ for how the client / candidate will engage with you, from this point moving forward.

How England (or any other nation) perform in the 1st game will very much set an expectation level for the rest of the group stage games…

Now, this is where things start to get interesting… If your first foray (i.e. your client is interested in your 1st candidate) goes to plan, then the request to introduce more candidates, is usually ‘accepted’.  Let’s take this back to the World Cup analogy…If the 1st game goes well, then the players feel confident in expressing themselves and the ‘belief’ that they can ‘win again’ becomes a reality…. As a recruiter, the belief that you can find more candidates that are as good or better than the 1st candidate that you sent to your client grows and breeds the necessary confidence to ‘reproduce’ at the same level.

We are now in the ‘knock-out stages’ – this is where the CV’s you’ve sent will qualify for interview (or not), and have a chance to present themselves in an interview – where they will either rise or fall under the clients’ expectation.

Again, this is very much like the reality of the quarter-final and semi-final of a World Cup.

We are now into the home straight.  The World Cup final!

Will your candidate hold his/her nerve when it comes to meeting the CEO? Will the [England] players, hold their nerve in a penalty shoot-out in the final [against Germany]?

Now, provided that the preparation and planning was right. Provided that the hard work has been put in at every stage of the process. And provided that you remain ‘positive’, ‘constructive’ and ‘determined’ to succeed, there is no reason why you shouldn’t lift the Cup!

In this case, the ‘World Cup’ represents a satisfied client, a happy candidate, and a fee for your services!

Now. Go and win the Euros!

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