What Is Intelligence?


End Of Year Blog. Part I

Let us ask you a question…

‘How Intelligent Do You Think You Are?

Every recruiter at Jonothan Bosworth will now tell themselves that they ‘can’ and they ‘will’ every single day.

‘Recruitment’ is a multi-billion-pound industry – but the perceived ‘value’ placed upon it, has been questioned time and time again, by clients and candidates who have maybe received a shoddy experience.

As one of the many ‘advocates’ and ‘protectors’ of the ‘art of recruitment’ Jonothan Bosworth wants to share thoughts on the 4 key areas of ‘intelligence’ needed in order to succeed.

In order of importance:

Spiritual Intelligence:

We’re not talking about ‘going to church everyday’ – we’re talking about an inner believe – a passionate connection with the world in which you exist; a heavy reliance on the power of your soul. Believing that you are great.

It’s a cliché, but for every ‘no’ that you receive from prospective clients [and candidates], there is a ‘yes’ waiting for you, just around the corner…provided that you keep going.

Emotional Intelligence::

Do you ‘respond’ with a plan to find a solution, or do you simply ‘react’ to a problem and dwell on it? The greatest war generals, sportspeople and inventors have always managed to ‘stay calm’ in the middle of a ‘sh*t storm’.

So must you. There is no time to cry over spilt milk…

There will be times that you sweat blood & tears, and still, come nowhere near close to your goal, but this is the best time to ‘soldier on’

This is the moment that you truly find out what you’re made of.

Physical Intelligence::

Do you wilt under pressure, or do you suck in some O2 and ‘go hard’. Cristiano Ronaldo is a prime example – a skinny kid from a poor village in Portugal, who constantly got kicked off the ball… He trained harder, longer and faster than any other footballer. Now he is a physical specimen & one of the greatest to ever play.

Break things down into ‘bite size’ chunks and ‘eat the elephant’, 1 spoonful at a time…

Mental Intelligence:

Whilst we’re big advocates of learning the basics of Maths, English & Science we’re also aware that some of the worlds’ greatest minds died penniless. 

Being ‘academically smart’ is all good and well, but you must, must, must have ‘vision’.

See yourself at the top of the mountain.

See yourself as the leader of the pack.

See yourself as the winner in any contest.

With focus – anything is possible…

…If you fall short; maybe you won’t land on the moon, but you would’ve kissed a few stars – setting you up nicely to tackle the next challenge with confidence and conviction.



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