Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists has been provided a 5 star solution for over 10 years.

See below for snippets of what some people have said:

“I would highly recommend them as recruitment agency!”.

“An extremely professional, punctual and friendly approach from the team”.

“I had a great experience as a candidate with Jonothan Bosworth”.

“I have no issues recommending them. They are in a different league than the rest. Jonathon Bosworth go the extra mile in relation to the customer service and passion for the industry”.

“Excellent service, always kept me in the loop even when there was no news. Very few trustworthy and honest agencies like Jonothan Bosworth out there”.

“Great coordination, gentle follow ups, very professional. Happy to work with them in future”.

“Really recommend to anyone no matter position you are aiming”.

“So professional and made the process so easy, constant communication throughout and answered all my questions making it a great experience”.

“They were particularly good at adding that personal touch to our conversations. They also weren’t as annoying as other agencies. They always did their very best to provide me with the necessary information I will need”.

“There was great communication throughout which kept me informed with all the changes and requirements. I would recommend anyone to work with Jonothan Bosworth”.

“If you want to work with a recruitment company that is trustworthy and focused on supporting and benefitting you, I recommend getting in touch and signing up with them.”

“With these guys you get honesty, integrity, professionalism and above all else quality”.

“Helped me get an interview last minute which led to a job offer. So excited to start my new venture now”.

“Highly professional, thorough and going the extra mile!”.

“I’d consider them to be very professional and an organisation I can trust to represent me and the Company”.

“I had a pleasant experience with the agency. The process was very professional and easy”.

“They really helped me up my game in the I.T industry despite me being so young when I first started my career”.

“The service and support I received was first class”.

“Amazing company. Looked after me all through the application and interview processes all the way to job placement. Really professional manner”.

“I have been contacted by many agencies with empty promises and hopes but never hear back from them. Jonothan Bosworth is not one of them. They delivered!”.

“They are capable finding best of the best”.

“I had a pleasant experience with Jonothan Bosworth during my recruitment process”.

“If you’re looking for a new role in IT then highly recommend you contact the team at Jonothan Bosworth”.

“I was matched to the right role/company and secured a job. Extremely excited about starting my new job”.

“Best recruitment specialists I’ve dealt with as a job candidate. Timely communication and a personal touch, they helped me find a great opportunity”.

“Professional, friendly and pleasure to work with”.

“Easy to talk to and got me an amazing job!!! Thanks so much for everything you do!!! Keep it up”

“An absolute delight to work with”.

“Fantastic company, on point with regular communication for the ideal role”.

“Great service. Very helpful. Made everything as simple as possible. Can’t recommend them highly enough”.

“Best recruitment consultants I have dealt with so far”.

“Best experience ever”.

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War On Talent | FREE Webinar


Would your business benefit from attracting the top 10% of talent in your Sector?

…There’s a ‘war’ going on for talent – especially for anybody that you may wish to hire in the ‘future’.

We’d love for you to join us on of FREE webinar: ‘War On Talent’ which takes place on 05.08.20 @ 11.00hrs (UK)

There is no cost for joining us, but the residual value will be high; as you will get to be part of our audience, listening to over 30 years of panel experience, as we debate and discuss the current & future ‘war on talent’ in the UK.

If you’d like to know how you can ‘win the war’ and ‘fix’ any pending problems you may face within your team or business – click the link(s) below.

Don’t worry about wearing ‘business attire’ or getting a ‘hair cut’ – your camera and microphone will remain switched off! 🙂

However, you will be able to pose questions ‘live’ to the panel via the chat & Q&A functions.

Registering is really easy, and as spaces are limited, we recommend booking your slot as soon as you see this message.

DATE: Wednesday 5th August 2020
TIME: 11.00 hours (UK)

NB. If you haven’t’ got a Zoom account, you will need to set one up, prior to joining. This should only take a couple of minutes by going here


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How Can We Help? …COVID-19

We hope that you are safe & well…

As you know, due to COVID-19 we are currently living through a challenging time – one that is affecting our communities, our country and plenty of other people across the whole world.

Our Managing Director; Shimron Equiano, wants to share a message with you.
Click the link below to be taken to his Linkedin page:

Feel free to comment, like and share (in that order 🙂

To avoid the spread of infection, the team at Jonothan Bosworth is working remotely, however we are still serving our customer base, with ‘remote working solutions’, and we’re offering contract payroll ‘at cost’ as well as delaying permanent invoices by ’90 days’.

The hope and anticipation is that we will eventually regain a sense of ‘normality’ and we will do everything we can to support, share, assist and work with you in any positive way that we can.

In the meantime, stay safe.

Sincerely yours,

The Jonothan Bosworth Team

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End of 2019… Roll On 2020!


As we bring 2019 to a close…


…We have an opportunity to reflect on our year of highs, lows, challenges, successes and most importantly: our resilience, as we look forward to 2020, and beyond.

The political football that was ‘Brexit’ and the sometimes ‘shortage of talent’ in the market place has meant that recruiters have had to work ‘harder and smarter’ than in previous times – but this is a positive, as it gives both candidates and hiring managers the opportunity to separate the ‘real from the fake’.

Jonothan Bosworth has tirelessly aimed to deliver quality over quantity, speed over haste and cost with value-add.

As we now set our sights on 2020 and with  ‘growing by 300%’ the future will continue to be shaped by our own internal optimism.

The UK is still one of the economic powerhouses on the world stage,  and we intend on delivering high-level results for the entities that rely on us domestically; as we also look to forge new relations in new territories.

If you are a job-seeking candidate or a talent-seeking hiring manager/business owner, maybe give us a call…

…It could be the start of something special.


Merry Christmas!


Love from ‘The Jonothan Bosworth Team’

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How To… Treat Your Customers



Treat Customers Like ‘Gold Bars’

In the recruitment industry, there are typically 2 customers:

·      The candidate, seeking new employment in their field of expertise.

·      The hiring manager, seeking talent to join their department or organisation.

In some recruitment environments; the customer held in the highest regard is the client – (i.e. the hiring manager) – and the justification is because they are the ‘pay master’.

In other recruitment environments; the customer that is held in the highest regard is the candidate – (i.e. the person seeking employment) – and the justification is because without the skilled individual there is ‘no talent’ for a decision to be made upon.

The reality is that both customers are vitally important to the success of any recruitment outcome. Without the hiring manager / employer and without the job seeker / potential employee; there is no currency to trade from, and so it is extremely important to treat each party with the respect they deserve, as this respect develops trust and in turn, is more likely to generate a successful outcome for all parties involved.


If you were given a gold bar, would you leave it on the side of the road, go home, watch a bit of TV, call a few of your friends to see if they want to ‘hang out’ and then go back late at night to see if it was still there?

Of course, you wouldn’t.

If you did, then by the time you return, the likelihood is:

–         Someone has taken it, or;

–         Dirt & debris from passing traffic, may have damaged it

The gold bar(s) would go wherever you go and be kept safe. You’d polish and/or repair it if necessary. If something got spilt on it, you’d clean it, and it wouldn’t be handed over to anyone else without it’s value being made apparent.

The Candidate:

Make sure your candidate feels like you have their best interests at heart. If they are unsure about the opportunity that you are presenting to them, take time to explain in further detail. Maybe even get someone who currently works for the organisation you are representing to speak to them.

Have detail on the culture of the organisation, the history, the team size(s) & the future growth plan of the company that you are representing.

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to making sure your candidate is well prepared to answer questions at interview stage.

Stay in touch with them, making sure you do everything in your power to ‘arm’ your candidate with the relevant facts & stats

The Client:

Understand what and why your hiring manager is looking for new talent in the first place. Get ‘under the skin’ of the vacancy. Try and visualise yourself in the job role/position itself, by asking ‘challenging’ questions that will get the hiring manager / employer to really think hard about what is important for the role (i.e. needs vs wants).

Once the client ‘feels’ that there is a genuine vested interest in their business on your part, they are more likely to share additional information with you that will help and support your quest to find the perfect fit for their business.

Educate your client on market trends and update them regularly with your findings as this will facilitate the best possible and most realistic outcome.

These are just some very basic tips that we utilise at Jonothan Bosworth in order to make sure that all parties involved feel like part of a process with a deeper purpose.

If you are either looking for a new recruitment partner, or a new career challenge, we’d like to support you.

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…Ready To Sack Your Recruiter? :)




What is the biggest barrier for a hiring manager to overcome when looking to engage a [new] recruiter?


  1. Is it the level of experience and/or expertise that the recruiter has? Maybe.
  2. Is it the overall reputation of the recruitment company they work for? Could be.
  3. Is it because the hiring manager already has a ton of suppliers on a PSL? Possibly.


At Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists we believe that the single BIGGEST obstacle for a CEO / Managing Director / CFO / Line Manager / HR Professional is LOSING money on ‘recruitment gone wrong’.

So, the team at Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists has devised an ambitious and unique campaign to relieve all the potential stress, risk and hassle that comes with locating the best talent for your business.

Let’s let the truth be known – even with all the necessary checks and balances, a new employee/employer relationship may not work out, and this could be down to circumstances beyond everyone’s control; but how do we combat this? How do we make sure that you have the greatest chance of preserving your time & money? How do we limit the chances of an employee taking the wrong job opportunity in the first place?

We have come up with a solution that we believe will resonate with organisations up and down the UK and further afield.

We will give any organisation that chooses to elect Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists a 100% money back guarantee, (in the unlikely circumstance that our candidate leaves within the first 6 months of their employment).

You may be thinking that this offer is too good to be true – why would anyone offer a 100% money back guarantee?

We stand by our service offering and we pride ourselves on delivering a ‘world class’ recruitment solution. Our dedicated team can only offer a high level of service to a small number of partners, so we don’t work with everyone. Also, as well-established recruitment professionals, we know that finding the right talent acquisition partner is a tricky business – so our decades of experience, coupled with our 5-star online customer rating, should put your mind at ease.



Recruitment is in our DNA, which means large parts of our day are spent meeting with, and networking with some of the best talent that the market has to offer. Our network is far-reaching, and we are a trusted partner for many customers, just like you.



Most of the time when you engage a recruitment firm, the person you speak to on the phone, is the ONLY person involved with your recruitment need.

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists operate differently – we ALL have a vested interest in your business and collectively, we leave nothing to chance, and we leave no stone un-turned when it comes to presenting candidates for your vacancy.

 If you are planning on recruiting [IT] staff, or you and would like to know more about this specific campaign, call the team on: 0800 131 0822 or go to:


The subject line to this BLOG is said purely in jest – a joke, a bit of witticism, a funny remark… a gag. Recruitment is a challenging and competitive industry and we respect the work done by all of our qualified peers & competitors.

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Skills, Jobs & Career Fair


Job vs Career?

Which do you prefer?

We are bias, so we will always say that a ‘career’ at Jonothan Bosworth far outweighs any other job elsewhere!*

(*Unless you’re training to be an astronaut, F1 driver or bona fide international rockstar – then we’d maybe consider being the 2nd best option! 🙂

…Working in #recruitment is a challenging and rewarding vocation, where you have the opportunity to ‘change lives’ on a daily basis. Meet Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists at the “Skills and Jobs Fair” on 26th September at South Staffordshire Business Hub, Codsall, WV8 1PX

Doors open at 10.00am

On the day you will have the opportunity to talk to the founders and directors and maybe some of the existing recruitment rockstars and receive first hand insight to the highs (and challenges) of a career in specialist recruitment consultancy.

Jonothan Bosworth boasts a clear career path, injected with daily development and training, as well as a ‘hands on’ management team, who care deeply about your progress both inside and outside of the working environment.

With plans to expand and open offices across the UK, Europe, Americas and further a field – you can quickly see why many clients and candidates trust Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists.

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You Get What You Pay For!


– –

You Get What You Pay For!


This statement is such a cliché – but it is usually true…

– – –

If you want something done quickly, it could compromise on the quality that you receive.

If you expect quality, it may mean waiting a while to receive the product or goods requested.

If you desire a ‘quick turnaround time’ AND the ‘highest possible quality’ combined; it is likely to COST you more money.

This is not ‘Socrates Philosophy’ – it just seems logical to us. However for some reason – there are moments when we all think that there’s a fantastically cheap & speedy option which will satisfy all of our wants, needs, issues and/or concerns at a ‘bargain basement’ price..

Yes, sometimes we get ‘lucky’ – but is anything sustainable built on luck?

Luck is winning a big accumulator sports bet.

Luck is buying the last apple pie at McDonalds drive thru when you are ‘hangry’.

Luck is perhaps finding a crisp £20 note sticking out of the snow on a winters’ day walk…

– –

However, receiving a service or product that genuinely meets the needs of the intended recipient, and is able to meet those needs on multiple, consecutive occasions is a slightly different proposition.

A ‘real’ recruitment solution is something that shouldn’t be left to luck.

One of the most valuable assets inside any company or organisation is it’s people. The process of hiring the ‘right’ people typically involves assessing individuals from a technical and cultural perspective, which can be a long and challenging endeavour. When a new employee leaves a company prematurely, it really does hurt the morale, the atmosphere and the profitability of the business – big or small – so it is important to try and get it right.


‘Mickey Mouse’ is inanimate – but yet Disney spend copious amounts of money on the Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Animated Stories, Theme Parks & Customer Experience surrounding the Mickey ‘brand’.


Well, as consumers we spend billions annually on Mickey Mouse & Disney based products and services.

NB. Mickey Mouse is a fictitious character, created purely for our entertainment…

The image above; of the inbox message that supports this post is interesting.

For £399 I’d like to know if the full recruitment solution in which market knowledge built up over many years is at work, the cost of advertising has been taken into account and deployed, the research is on-going and the process management involved with selecting a strong shortlist built on multiple conversations, meetings, character references and all other associated tasks required, has been executed perfectly…

3 words: Simply. Not. Happening.

– – –

In order for recruitment to be done properly, a real investment has to be made.

Firstly an investment by the recruiter (to deliver on all the things mentioned above)

Secondly by the employer (to take time to identify a recruitment firm with substance)

Thirdly by the potential employee

– –

In my humble opinion, £399 is not the going rate for a substantial, ethical, compliant and effective recruitment solution – but, if you are a hiring manager and you have found this ‘quality-speed-cost ratio’ and it’s working for you – hang on to it and never let it go!! 🙂

– –

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, please call Jonothan Bosworth to find out exactly how we can add value.

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