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Is it us, or does the world and everybody in it expect things to be done ‘yesterday’?

From what we understand, it has taken millions of years for our planet and the life that inhabits this place we call Earth to have evolved to the stage it’s at right now.

Judging by the behaviour of some – there is still a long way to go!

So with this multi-million-year evolution in mind – where does our current impatience stem from? Is it the media? Or is it part of our ‘timeline DNA’?  Maybe we were always destined to be this way!?

We’re going to relate this current dilemma to the recruitment industry, and we’ll attempt to break down what we see in every day actions of all parties involved:

The Recruiter:

Almost all recruiters are guilty of this – (even if it happens only in the early stages of their careers), but why is it that recruiters expect decisions to made ‘immediately’ by candidates and / or clients, if the ground work hasn’t been done?

Before ‘giving the offer’ to your candidate, did you know that he/she had 5 other final stage interviews lined up as well as yours? What about the fact that the candidate who represents your ‘biggest deal of the month’ is going through a messy divorce and is unlikely to be in a position to start in 4 weeks’ time (as requested by the client), due to all of the ‘personal issues’ he/she has to deal with, before being able to focus energy into a new challenge with a new employer?

You may know that your client needs someone to start ASAP – but did you ask them the reasons why? Is it due to something positive like ‘plans to expand the business’? Or is it because the role itself is a ’75 hour working week’ with international travel – fit for 3 employees and not 1?

Maybe the last two people left the position due to ‘burn out’…

It is only with a ‘deep sea dive’ into the circumstances and the real motivations and challenges faced by your clients and candidates that you can then get on with providing a world class recruitment solution.

If, as the recruiter, you work only off the ‘titbits’ of information (presented by the employer and potential new employee) your quest for a ‘quick turnaround’ is likely to end in tears…

With experience comes the ability to see the tell-tale signs of such potential calamity – but it cannot always be predicted, and without a particular process having been followed, everything can come crashing down like a house of cards.

Cutting corners to achieve quick success is typical of an epidemic sweeping not only the recruitment sector, but that of our wider society as well. I call it the ‘microwave society‘ syndrome.

Recruitment is a great industry, but we think it is important to step back, take stock and view things with a ‘wide lens’ from time to time.  This way, clients, candidates, recruiters and suppliers will have happier stories to share around the camp fire.

The Candidate:

Are you the person that applies to 5, 10, or even 15 jobs at a spin?

Well the games’ up!

There is very little chance of you being able to field dozens of calls from dozens of recruiters; and expect to perform at your optimum level… Especially if you are still committed to your current employer.

In my opinion, it could make more sense to ‘strategically focus’ your job search to a smaller number of roles by reading job adverts fully and matching your skills closely with what is being asked.

The expectation that ‘all recruiters are great recruiters’ and will be able to glean the information that they need from a generic CV, and then have the time and ability to extract even more relevant information from you over the phone, in a 5-minute conversation during your lunch break – and then potentially ‘repackage’ your resume specifically for the client that they represent, is quite fanciful to say the least.

As the candidate; it is important to recognise the very significant part that you play and it needs to be played to perfection.

If we were to break this contribution down to a percentage point, I think it would sit at around 33%.

So, 1/3 of the probability of landing the ‘ideal’ role is apportioned to your dedication and application as a candidate.

If you haven’t:

– taken time to produce a great CV

– targeted a small, relevant cluster of job roles/adverts to apply for

– put yourself in a position to answer calls from the recruiter (and the client)

the likelihood is, you’ll be staying in your ‘75 hour working week‘ job for a little while longer…

The Employer:

Before we get into this – if any of our clients are reading – there is a very strong possibility that this doesn’t relate to you! Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most efficient and understanding employers, and we thank you!

However, there are some employers that have a ‘default setting’ and that is: they want the best employee(s), found within the least amount of time, for a ‘not-so’ market leading salary/package.

This is where the phrase ‘ready-made‘ really takes centre stage.

As employers; we recognise that it is not going to be easy to find ‘top talent’ because the best [recruiters] in the industry are typically being looked after by their current employers.

Without realistic and / or appealing offerings from a client, the recruiter ends up fishing in a stagnant pond – with very few ‘desirable’ fish to choose from.

Operating in these ‘marsh-like’ conditions can lead to unwanted results.

When most companies ‘start up’, there is a concentrated effort to train staff, to infuse new employees with the culture, and there’s always a desire to retain the best people…

As a business begins to grow, sometimes the training manual starts to collect dust on a shelf, the culture starts to shift because the CEO no longer has the time or energy to continue promoting his/her ‘message’ to the new people entering the fray. Ultimately keeping a watchful eye on the ‘wellbeing’ of all employees becomes a distant memory…

…Hiring more and more people into this melting pot can sometimes be a recipe for disaster; the ’employee conveyer belt’ starts to turn a bit faster and before you know it, job descriptions get written in a rush to counteract the ‘leakage’ – and are written without the spark they once had and the wrong people are hired because the recruiter is under pressure to deliver quickly. The ‘vicious cycle’ continues.

In Conclusion…

As recruiters, we need to share these feelings with our clients and candidates. If you lose the odd client or candidate because of your honest, but constructive assessment of their supermarket style ‘dash for the ready-made’, it simply means more time can be spent working on the ‘quality’ aspect of the service provided by your business.

If as a candidate you see a recruiter ‘doing the right things’ in order to enhance your ‘journey’ – let your new employer know… it may mean that the employer raises the bar across their whole supplier group; placing extra importance on the recruiter that provides the most thorough and professional service – which in turn can improve your working life, should you become a hiring manager.

…Maybe it’s time for all parties to put the ‘Super Noodles’ away, and get back to serving up ‘Michelin Star’ quality…


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What Is Luck?

Well, the ‘textbook’ definition runs along the lines of this:

“…success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions; a force that seems to operate, as in shaping circumstances, events or opportunities…”

It may sound controversial – but from a ‘real world’ perspective, we don’t agree with this entirely.

Any action that is undertaken, which leads to, or results in a positive experience (financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually) is what we want to focus on.

If you are one of those individuals that choose to keep ‘moving forward’, we will assume that your glass is permanently ‘half full’, just like these people:

At age 23, Oprah was fired from her first reporting job.

At age 24, Stephen King was working as a janitor and living in a trailer.

At age 27, Vincent Van Gogh failed as a missionary.

At age 28, J.K. Rowling was a single parent living on welfare.

At age 30, Harrison Ford was a carpenter.

At age 37, Ang Lee was a stay-at-home-dad working odd jobs.

Julia Child released her first cookbook at age 39, and got her own cooking show at age 51.

Vera Wang failed to make the Olympic figure skating team, didn’t get the Editor-in-Chief position at Vogue, and designed her first dress at age 40.

Morgan Freeman landed his first MAJOR movie role at age 52.

We mention these stories because they help to illuminate our perspective on ‘luck’. We hate when we hear the words ‘I can’t’ or ‘It won’t work’, ‘It’s too late’ or ‘It’s not my fault’…

…Every action we take, every word we utter has some sort of consequence, so if your plan is to ‘add value’ or to ‘make a positive difference’, your behaviourshould reflect this…

As recruiters at Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists, we interact with employers, candidates and suppliers all day, every day.  Sometimes things don’t go to plan, but it’s our ‘response’ to adversity, to disappointment, and to the unexpected that ultimately determines the complexion of our future.

There have been times when ‘on paper’ a candidate hasn’t looked suitable for a role. The ‘easiest’ thing to do is skip past that resume, and think no more of it. However, our ability to take ‘one more step’, with ‘child-like inquisitiveness’ is what generates the extra “1%” needed to make the all important difference.

We had a scenario recently – we were working on a ‘junior’ role and we came across a candidate who had limited sector experience, had worked for a long time in a completely different industry and to top it all off, was not a traditional entry level applicant – but there was just something about this particular candidate that resonated with us. ‘Luckily’ the employer agreed and the rest is history.

This kind of scenario is what we think of, when we talk about the notion of ‘luck’. Luck is about being on the ‘front foot’ – sometimes even ‘stumbling’ through a situation, with raw energy and conviction…

There are moments every day when we need to speak to the CEO of a company that we have never spoken to before. On any given day, it might just so happen that we get hold of him/her when he/she has already fielded ’10 sales calls’. At that moment, how do we ‘differentiate?’  …It all boils down to that little word: ‘action’. A lack of action is what cripples most people. A lack of action means you fail to communicate your qualities and you stand still, frozen like a ‘rabbit in the headlights’. If you’re standing still – there’s not much hope of ‘getting lucky’

The CEO in the situation mentioned above could be crying out for someone with ‘belief’, ‘passion’ and ‘clarity’. A ‘lucky mindset’ in this scenario could lead to your most successful call, ever!

We take calls from suppliers all the time, and we know when we hear a ‘lucky’ caller, a confident ‘glass half full’ type of person, can usually have our ear!

In conclusion, we do believe that ‘luck’ is a force of nature that bestows itself on those that take action with the most ‘positive outlook’ – no matter the field of work.

Be lucky…

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, please email us at; Hello@JonothanBosworth.co.uk or call us on; 0845 299 6369

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Recruitment: A Saturated Industry?


Too Many Cooks

We’re big fans of James Caan (the recruitment entrepreneur, not the movie star, although we like the actor too!)

We’ve heard him say that when he started his business in the 80’s there were ‘less than 100 agencies’ and today there are ‘over 20,000 recruitment companies’

So, does this mean that the industry has become saturated? bloated? dysfunctional?


With the UK market somewhat out-performing expectation, and with opportunity for expansion existing in Europe and further afield, there are plenty of positives.

At Jonothan Bosworth we believe that the problems lie here:

– Lack of patience

– Lack of training

– Lack of passion


As a new recruit, if you were unable to replicate the feat achieved by your co-worker who ‘billed 100k in his first quarter, having never done recruitment before’ you could sometimes be left to feel inadequate, even though you were still ‘profitable’.

Sales Managers were handed down ‘ambitious’ targets that were then passed on to the ‘soldiers on the ground’ and whilst some recruiters (with either mature desks, or an envious and quick grasp for the ‘art of recruitment’) rose to the challenge, some recruiters could quickly lose their patience and leave the industry.

‘New blood’ is introduced and then the ‘staff conveyor belt’ cycle continues.


How do you motivate staff? Is it with the stick or the carrot?

Maybe a bit of both…

…But for us, it has to start with ’empowerment’.

If people realise that they are being heavily invested in; receiving plenty of support then they are more than likely to invest in the business they represent.  The old Chinese proverb is ‘you give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.’ and it rings so true in recruitment.

You only know what you know, so the constant introduction of ‘forward thinking’ and progressive training sessions can bring the best out of the newest recruits as well as the seasoned veterans.

However, the ‘microwave society’ in which we currently live, means that ‘time’ can be a luxury afforded to a very few, and with a lack of training and a lack of understanding, people leave the industry.

‘New blood’ is introduced and then the ‘staff conveyor belt’ cycle continues.


This could be the most important piece of the puzzle. Without a ‘grit & determination’ to succeed; without a genuine interest to ‘make a difference’ to other peoples’ lives (i.e. candidates & employers), the game is probably over before it even gets started. The recruitment business leader and the new recruiter have to share the same degree of passion, they need to become one entity, fighting the same fight.

In todays’ world of recruitment, data is readily available everywhere; candidates are more accessible than ever before – employers have their own in-house recruitment teams, competition from other agencies can create other issues and soon enough the enthusiasm that was once there can quickly dissipate.

‘New blood’ is introduced and then the ‘staff conveyor belt’ cycle continues….

…For me, the fact that there are circa 20,000 recruitment agencies in the UK is not a negative. It’s an ‘opportunity’.

If there were still only ‘100 recruitment agencies’ in the UK it would be very difficult for the millions of company directors and hiring managers to determine which agency was ‘good’, which was ‘bad’, and which was ‘ugly’.

Let’s not forget who suffers most from ‘poor recruitment’. It is the candidate and the employer.

‘Customer Service’ is a term and phrase often overlooked by many recruiters, but it can ultimately be what sets you apart.

We know that ‘people buy people’, so if your recruiters have the passion, coupled with plenty of knowledge and have been instilled with the notion that building a business is a long and steady path, then you are half way to achieving great things and the relationship built with job hunters and hirers can last a lifetime.

There is always going to be a ‘top, middle and bottom’.  Being ‘top of 20,000’ is a much greater achievement than being ‘top of 100’, so the number of agencies operating in the UK should not sound the ‘death knell’ for any ‘new agency’ or ‘rookie recruiter’ – it should provide all the motivation you need.

How you ‘define’ your ‘top’ is ultimately up to you, but as long as you continue to be ‘better than you were the day before’ you’ll be fine!

If you are a candidate looking for your next challenge, or if you are a hiring manager looking for a new recruitment partner, please call Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists on +44(0)845 299 6369, or via email ‘here’


Fear Of Failure


Jack Ma, the creator of Alibaba and one of the richest men in the world with an estimated wealth of $ 25 billion said this:

“I failed 3 times in college. I applied 30 times to get a job but I have always been rejected. When KFC came to China for the first time, we were 24 to apply and I was the only one to be dismissed. I wanted to go into the police and I was the only one not to be accepted… I applied 10 times to return to Harvard University USA and I was rejected. Never give up because you failed once, know that failure is sometimes out of the way to reach your intended route!!”

– – – –

We’ve worked in several recruitment offices, and we have witnessed the ’emotional rollercoaster’ that recruiters go on, every time that they:

– receive an offer from a client

– make an offer to a candidate

– take a call from a client / candidate, 3 days into the candidate’s start date

…We have to be honest, we can’t remember [the last time] going through these emotions.  You will never see us ‘sweating buckets’ when it comes to making an offer to a candidate, or taking a call from a client 3 days into the candidates’ new adventure, for fear of a ‘drop out’.

The attitude at Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists is this: if you ‘manage the process’ properly, if you treat your client and candidate with ‘respect’ and if you continue to ‘ask questions’, then you should be able to lay your head down at the end of any given evening and sleep well ‘knowing’ that you have done everything you can, in order to conclude proceedings with a ‘win-win’ scenario…. There is no real need to look anything like the guy in the picture above… [Laugh Out Loud]

Let’s be pragmatic though; as with any walk of life… whether you are an ‘Apprentice’ in your first job, or whether you are ‘Jack Ma’ the founder of Alibaba – you are going to have to fail in order to succeed.

Michael Jordan – has missed so many shots, he’s lost count, but the difference between him and any other basketballer, is that he was ‘prepared’ to fail over and over again in order to be successful.

Sport & Business are synonymous in our opinion, and once you start to ‘play the game’, you start to realise that there is nothing to fear.  You are your biggest challenger; it is ‘you’ who will decide how long you fight, and how hard to push and what you are prepared to go through.

Back to recruitment.  If you view your ‘wins’ like aces in a pack of cards and your obstacles like ‘any other card’ in the pack – you will soon develop a ‘thick skin’ which enables you to continue to ‘turn the cards’ in the pre-ordained knowledge that your successful outcome is inevitable.

However, whilst we have all read, heard & seen thousands of motivational speakers, motivational books and motivational quotes – it is advisable to apply some ‘realism to your dreams’…

…If you are 4 feet tall, it is unlikely that you’ll become the next Olympic high jump champion – so it is important to find your niche, and work it as hard as you can.  This is the bit that we are not told in class; it is vital that we all work to our strengths, and keep working them.

So that begs the next question: is extreme success driven by nature, or nuture?

That is a conversation for another day!!

In the meantime however – work hard – and suppress your fears. It is the only way to grow.

If you are a candidate looking for your next challenge, or if you are a hiring manager looking for a new recruitment partner, please call us on +44(0)845 299 6369, or via email ‘here’

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You’re Hired!!


Submit your CV here: https://jonothanbosworth.co.uk/submit-cv/

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists have several exciting roles and we’d like to hire you on behalf of our clients!


If you are ‘considering’ a permanent move, or if your current contract is coming to an end, please reach out to us ASAP on +44(0)845 299 6369…


We look forward to hearing from you!


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Citrix is the focus here


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This short requires a ‘customer focused’ individual with solid service desk environment experience


Migration Specialist | Manchester | up to £300/day

This role seems to requires strong previous Office 365 project management.


Network Infrastructure Manager (BAU) | South West London | up to £300/day

2nd November to 16th December

Next interview slots available – 16th October

This short term role seems to require a good understanding of networks and storage (+ XenApp 7 desirable).


If you (or someone you know) are prepared to relocate to West London, or to the outskirts of West London – towards Reading, then our Citrix Technical Support role would be a very good career move.


If you (or someone you know) are keen to stay in London, our short term contract role in SW London could be a good ‘stop gap’ for you, if you are in between roles at the moment.


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Degree Or Not Degree, That Is The Question…

UK Recruiters Question The Value Of A Degree

A new study reveals how UK recruitment professionals are questioning the value of a degree in the current job market, with over half of those in the industry admitting that if they had their chance again, they would choose NOT to go to university.

The research, conducted by CV Library the UK’s largest independent job board, addressed the country’s leading recruiters to establish the main issues surrounding graduate employment and what it means to have a degree in today’s working climate. Over 700 recruiting experts responded and key findings suggest that the qualification is decreasing in value:

• 50.8% of recruitment professionals would choose not to go to university in this day and age, showing a clear split amongst those that best know the UK job market
• In today’s current climate, 84.1% of recruitment professionals believe a degree is becoming less essential to securing  a job
• Looking forward to 2025, 47.2% believe that degrees will have an even smaller value
• In comparison, 33.6% of recruiters believe that degrees will be of the same value as they are today, leaving just 19.2% that think they will be more important
• The majority of respondents (68.2%) suggest that degrees are only important for securing jobs that demand one
• Under a quarter (23.6%) of job professionals think the number of graduate job opportunities will rise

Results clearly show that the advantages of having a degree are beginning to lessen, unless they are a prerequisite for entering a sector. In addition, due to the suggestion that there is a lack of growth in graduate jobs, it is unsurprising that 66.3% of respondents believe that graduates are having a tougher time today compared to ten years ago.

Despite this, recruiters firmly believe that the most employable candidates are those with both a degree and excellent work experiences, with 90.6% of recruiters favouring this over one or the other.

CV-Library’s founder and managing director Lee Biggins explains: “In today’s competitive job market, it’s unsurprising to see that recruiters have a split opinion on the value of a degree. There has been lots in the media recently regarding the importance of work experience and this really highlights that. Degrees can be a valuable tool to job-hunters, but it’s equally important for candidates to ensure they have a strong balance of work experience and qualifications if they want to be successful in their job search.”

Source of article: Recruitment Buzz: August 7th 2015

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Naked Baby

At Jonothan Bosworth, we try to ‘keep it real’, but… ‘social conformity’, ‘modern day etiquette’, ‘unwritten rules’ and the obligation of ‘acting like a grown up’ have somewhat eroded that quality…

…However, we do aim to remain ‘real’ – viewing every man and woman as a ‘naked child’ with no airs, no graces…

This ‘default attitude’ has served us well over the years…

The challenge we have, is making sure the people we address don’t feel offended by our ‘directness’ ‘honesty’ or ‘constructive bluntness’.

So how do we manage this successfully?

Well… deep down, we think everyone wants to reveal their ‘naked baby’… It’s on us as individuals to bring it out of each other.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were walking around caves and/or open plains, wearing next to nothing… We weren’t as ‘sensitively civilised’ as we are now; and therein is the problem – if we discard our ‘misconceptions’ and ‘hang-ups’ about the ‘human psyche’ we will be so much ‘freer’ in our interactions with one another.


When we deal with our clients, we will always aim to address them with as much respect as possible, but we won’t shirk from letting them know when we think they’re over-looking a candidate, or not offering the appropriate amount of attention in relation to their staffing requirement or not taking the service, or the information that we need from them seriously.

This does not mean you need to be rude, arrogant or a ‘know it all’ – quite the opposite. As a ‘naked baby’ you want to ‘ask’ questions, you want to ‘observe’ everything in ‘360 degree mode’ and gather as much ‘data’ as possible.

With this approach, most of our clients help us to make the right moves, which ultimately ends up with them hiring the right talent.


When we deal with our candidates, there are no questions that we feel are ‘off limit’. For example, if we think there’ll be an issue (from a potential employer) due to the amount of times they’ve moved jobs in the last 3 years – we’ll ask for a detailed explanation and we’ll also sometimes request references ahead of submitting their resume. Most of the time our candidates will fully respect that we’re engaging with them on a deeper level; delving into the true factors driving their desire to find a ‘new challenge’. You’ll be able to represent your candidate with much more vigour and transparency, if you have the full picture.

Many recruiters worry too much about what ‘not’ to say – totally missing the point. This is not the ‘naked baby’ syndrome that we need. This is the ‘hung-up, fully grown, fully clothed adult’ syndrome that we all suffer from…

Suppress your fears & step out of your comfort zone – but always seek an outcome with the ‘best interests’ of everyone involved at heart. This way, the results are usually more profound and longer lasting.

So, today, when you pick up the phone, or meet your new candidate or client, wash away the façade and get straight to the ‘realness’ – start your conversion with [a handshake] a smile and a fulsome ‘giggle’ whilst picturing a Heinz Farley’s Rusk in their hand!!

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists offer a range of services. Check out our 2 minute promo video ‘here’ for more information…

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Your ‘Social’ Self

It’s Called ‘Social’ For A Reason…

Did you know that what job seekers post on their social networking profiles can be both a blessing and a curse for their chances of finding employment, according to a recent survey from CareerBuilder.co.uk?

Research conducted by CareerBuilder.co.uk of over 400 employers tells us that over 50% of employers have researched job candidates on social media, and a further 10% plan to start doing the same…

…And it’s not Linked In that employers are examining; over 60% check your Facebook profile and 45% look at a candidate’s Twitter feed.

Image sharing sites aren’t exempt from scrutiny either. Nearly 10% of employers refer to Instagram, and 8% to Pinterest. Employers are using search engines too: 50% of employers use search engines such as Google to research potential job candidates, and 11% plan to start.

The Right Image

Of those who have researched candidates on ‘social media’, over 40% have found content that caused them to NOT hire the candidate and 18% have found content that made them think twice about hiring the candidate!! That is astonishing!

When asked about the content that prompted them to eliminate candidates from consideration, the most common reasons employers gave included: images of drink & drug abuse, poor communication skills, provocative photographs and unprofessional ‘screen names’.

What Employers “Like”

On the other hand, 45% of employers who research candidates on social networking sites say they’ve found content that led them to HIRE a candidate.

Some of the most common reasons included: information to support their ‘ability’ to do the job, creativity, a professional image, well roundedness, a large number of followers/subscribers and compelling content.

“CVs only tell part of the story, so employers are increasingly relying on social media and Internet search engines to supplement their knowledge of a candidate,” said Scott Helmes, managing director of CareerBuilder UK. “For these reasons, job seekers need to be more aware than ever about what they say – and what’s being said about them – online.”

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists help candidates make the right impression, and clients employ the right people, across the UK, Europe & Middle East in the following sectors: IT Cloud & Virtualisation, Water & Energy Services, Public Sector & HR.

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, call us on +44 (0)845 299 6369 or email us ‘here’

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Time For A Change?


As the long Bank Holiday weekend gets set to start, maybe it’s time to think about your future career options, and / or your current recruitment suppliers…

“The true definition of ‘insanity’ is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Albert Einstein


As an employee, if you are being paid below the market value, it may be that you ‘love’ your job, which always makes it hard to look at your options.  However, if you are receiving a good package, it could be that your work is no longer fulfilling you…

…There’s no shame in looking for something new.  You’ll most probably be doing you and your employer a favour if your heart is no longing committed to what you’re doing. Your exit will allow a hungrier version of yourself to take the reigns, maybe…

Get in touch with Jonothan Bosworth over the weekend, and let us help you find the right role for you.


As an employer, if you are tired of receiving ‘just Ok’ candidate profiles from your recruiter – but you tolerate it because they’re ‘cheaper than the others’, then maybe it’s time to look at alternatives?

You may be really happy with the quality of candidate that you receive, but the price is slightly eye-watering?

Allow Jonothan Bosworth to look at your CV Submission to Successful Hire ratio, and maybe we can improve your ratios?
Contact us here: http://jonothanbosworth.co.uk/pledge/

Enjoy your Bank Holiday!

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Man Or Mouse?

The Mice / Milk / Mentality Story

A school teacher tells the story about 2 mice that fell into a bowl of milk (presumably belonging to a cat) on a hot summers day…

…One mouse kicked and paddled for his life, whilst the other one gave up and drowned….

The one that ‘swam for his life’ noticed that the process became easier…

Under the rays of the sun, coupled with his efforts to stay alive – he inadvertently turned the milk into butter, stepped out of the bowl, and lived to see another day!

We mention this story to say this: Our aim at Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists is to become your ‘trusted recruitment partner’

Our passion, determination and desire to do the best job possible for our clients & candidates, is what makes the above anecdote so appropriate…We will treat your requirement for skills or your application for work, in the same way we would for an internal application for employment within our business.

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, please email us or call us on; +44 (0) 845 299 6369

… Have a Happy Easter!