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Degree Or Not Degree, That Is The Question…

UK Recruiters Question The Value Of A Degree

A new study reveals how UK recruitment professionals are questioning the value of a degree in the current job market, with over half of those in the industry admitting that if they had their chance again, they would choose NOT to go to university.

The research, conducted by CV Library the UK’s largest independent job board, addressed the country’s leading recruiters to establish the main issues surrounding graduate employment and what it means to have a degree in today’s working climate. Over 700 recruiting experts responded and key findings suggest that the qualification is decreasing in value:

• 50.8% of recruitment professionals would choose not to go to university in this day and age, showing a clear split amongst those that best know the UK job market
• In today’s current climate, 84.1% of recruitment professionals believe a degree is becoming less essential to securing  a job
• Looking forward to 2025, 47.2% believe that degrees will have an even smaller value
• In comparison, 33.6% of recruiters believe that degrees will be of the same value as they are today, leaving just 19.2% that think they will be more important
• The majority of respondents (68.2%) suggest that degrees are only important for securing jobs that demand one
• Under a quarter (23.6%) of job professionals think the number of graduate job opportunities will rise

Results clearly show that the advantages of having a degree are beginning to lessen, unless they are a prerequisite for entering a sector. In addition, due to the suggestion that there is a lack of growth in graduate jobs, it is unsurprising that 66.3% of respondents believe that graduates are having a tougher time today compared to ten years ago.

Despite this, recruiters firmly believe that the most employable candidates are those with both a degree and excellent work experiences, with 90.6% of recruiters favouring this over one or the other.

CV-Library’s founder and managing director Lee Biggins explains: “In today’s competitive job market, it’s unsurprising to see that recruiters have a split opinion on the value of a degree. There has been lots in the media recently regarding the importance of work experience and this really highlights that. Degrees can be a valuable tool to job-hunters, but it’s equally important for candidates to ensure they have a strong balance of work experience and qualifications if they want to be successful in their job search.”

Source of article: Recruitment Buzz: August 7th 2015

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Naked Baby

At Jonothan Bosworth, we try to ‘keep it real’, but… ‘social conformity’, ‘modern day etiquette’, ‘unwritten rules’ and the obligation of ‘acting like a grown up’ have somewhat eroded that quality…

…However, we do aim to remain ‘real’ – viewing every man and woman as a ‘naked child’ with no airs, no graces…

This ‘default attitude’ has served us well over the years…

The challenge we have, is making sure the people we address don’t feel offended by our ‘directness’ ‘honesty’ or ‘constructive bluntness’.

So how do we manage this successfully?

Well… deep down, we think everyone wants to reveal their ‘naked baby’… It’s on us as individuals to bring it out of each other.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were walking around caves and/or open plains, wearing next to nothing… We weren’t as ‘sensitively civilised’ as we are now; and therein is the problem – if we discard our ‘misconceptions’ and ‘hang-ups’ about the ‘human psyche’ we will be so much ‘freer’ in our interactions with one another.


When we deal with our clients, we will always aim to address them with as much respect as possible, but we won’t shirk from letting them know when we think they’re over-looking a candidate, or not offering the appropriate amount of attention in relation to their staffing requirement or not taking the service, or the information that we need from them seriously.

This does not mean you need to be rude, arrogant or a ‘know it all’ – quite the opposite. As a ‘naked baby’ you want to ‘ask’ questions, you want to ‘observe’ everything in ‘360 degree mode’ and gather as much ‘data’ as possible.

With this approach, most of our clients help us to make the right moves, which ultimately ends up with them hiring the right talent.


When we deal with our candidates, there are no questions that we feel are ‘off limit’. For example, if we think there’ll be an issue (from a potential employer) due to the amount of times they’ve moved jobs in the last 3 years – we’ll ask for a detailed explanation and we’ll also sometimes request references ahead of submitting their resume. Most of the time our candidates will fully respect that we’re engaging with them on a deeper level; delving into the true factors driving their desire to find a ‘new challenge’. You’ll be able to represent your candidate with much more vigour and transparency, if you have the full picture.

Many recruiters worry too much about what ‘not’ to say – totally missing the point. This is not the ‘naked baby’ syndrome that we need. This is the ‘hung-up, fully grown, fully clothed adult’ syndrome that we all suffer from…

Suppress your fears & step out of your comfort zone – but always seek an outcome with the ‘best interests’ of everyone involved at heart. This way, the results are usually more profound and longer lasting.

So, today, when you pick up the phone, or meet your new candidate or client, wash away the façade and get straight to the ‘realness’ – start your conversion with [a handshake] a smile and a fulsome ‘giggle’ whilst picturing a Heinz Farley’s Rusk in their hand!!

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Your ‘Social’ Self

It’s Called ‘Social’ For A Reason…

Did you know that what job seekers post on their social networking profiles can be both a blessing and a curse for their chances of finding employment, according to a recent survey from

Research conducted by of over 400 employers tells us that over 50% of employers have researched job candidates on social media, and a further 10% plan to start doing the same…

…And it’s not Linked In that employers are examining; over 60% check your Facebook profile and 45% look at a candidate’s Twitter feed.

Image sharing sites aren’t exempt from scrutiny either. Nearly 10% of employers refer to Instagram, and 8% to Pinterest. Employers are using search engines too: 50% of employers use search engines such as Google to research potential job candidates, and 11% plan to start.

The Right Image

Of those who have researched candidates on ‘social media’, over 40% have found content that caused them to NOT hire the candidate and 18% have found content that made them think twice about hiring the candidate!! That is astonishing!

When asked about the content that prompted them to eliminate candidates from consideration, the most common reasons employers gave included: images of drink & drug abuse, poor communication skills, provocative photographs and unprofessional ‘screen names’.

What Employers “Like”

On the other hand, 45% of employers who research candidates on social networking sites say they’ve found content that led them to HIRE a candidate.

Some of the most common reasons included: information to support their ‘ability’ to do the job, creativity, a professional image, well roundedness, a large number of followers/subscribers and compelling content.

“CVs only tell part of the story, so employers are increasingly relying on social media and Internet search engines to supplement their knowledge of a candidate,” said Scott Helmes, managing director of CareerBuilder UK. “For these reasons, job seekers need to be more aware than ever about what they say – and what’s being said about them – online.”

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists help candidates make the right impression, and clients employ the right people, across the UK, Europe & Middle East in the following sectors: IT Cloud & Virtualisation, Water & Energy Services, Public Sector & HR.

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, call us on +44 (0)845 299 6369 or email us ‘here’

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Time For A Change?


As the long Bank Holiday weekend gets set to start, maybe it’s time to think about your future career options, and / or your current recruitment suppliers…

“The true definition of ‘insanity’ is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Albert Einstein


As an employee, if you are being paid below the market value, it may be that you ‘love’ your job, which always makes it hard to look at your options.  However, if you are receiving a good package, it could be that your work is no longer fulfilling you…

…There’s no shame in looking for something new.  You’ll most probably be doing you and your employer a favour if your heart is no longing committed to what you’re doing. Your exit will allow a hungrier version of yourself to take the reigns, maybe…

Get in touch with Jonothan Bosworth over the weekend, and let us help you find the right role for you.


As an employer, if you are tired of receiving ‘just Ok’ candidate profiles from your recruiter – but you tolerate it because they’re ‘cheaper than the others’, then maybe it’s time to look at alternatives?

You may be really happy with the quality of candidate that you receive, but the price is slightly eye-watering?

Allow Jonothan Bosworth to look at your CV Submission to Successful Hire ratio, and maybe we can improve your ratios?
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Enjoy your Bank Holiday!

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Man Or Mouse?

The Mice / Milk / Mentality Story

A school teacher tells the story about 2 mice that fell into a bowl of milk (presumably belonging to a cat) on a hot summers day…

…One mouse kicked and paddled for his life, whilst the other one gave up and drowned….

The one that ‘swam for his life’ noticed that the process became easier…

Under the rays of the sun, coupled with his efforts to stay alive – he inadvertently turned the milk into butter, stepped out of the bowl, and lived to see another day!

We mention this story to say this: Our aim at Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists is to become your ‘trusted recruitment partner’

Our passion, determination and desire to do the best job possible for our clients & candidates, is what makes the above anecdote so appropriate…We will treat your requirement for skills or your application for work, in the same way we would for an internal application for employment within our business.

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, please email us or call us on; +44 (0) 845 299 6369

… Have a Happy Easter!


Has ‘Technology’ Affected The Way Recruiters Recruit?

‘Old school’ recruiters will tell you that ‘back in our day‘ we didn’t even have email and we still made it happen! The modern recruiter will swear by the likes of ‘Linked In’ and ‘Google+’ as tools that massively enhance their ability to engage with candidates and clients that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach…

…Our perspective on the advancements of technology in the last 10 years, is that when ‘technology takes over from ‘abstract creative thinking‘ then we have a problem.

We see it all the time… you ask someone a question, and they’ll say: “let me ‘Google’ it”… You ask someone the way to X from Y, and their default reaction can be to “AA route map it” – (even though they’ve actually made the journey themselves before). The ‘need’ to retain and store knowledge is dwindling, which we think is a bad thing – but Albert Einstein said:

“Never Memorise Something That You Can Look Up”

So who is right? Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists, or Albert Einstein? (Please don’t answer that!)

In reality, we do have to move with the times. Much of what we do on a daily basis is somehow ‘connected to the internet’ and the need to remember everything isn’t as vital as it was 20 or even 10 years ago. However, we do strongly believe that the need to retain the ‘human element’ in what we do – especially as recruiters is vital, because primarily what we are exclusively dealing with is: human beings.

The idea that ‘machines’ can do a recruiters job (in all it’s entirety) is a myth. Clients still want to be able to hear, see and touch their suppliers – especially if something has gone slightly awry, and some candidates do need added reassurance from their recruiter; confident in the knowledge that their recruiter has ‘managed a similar situation before’ or at the very least can ’empathise’ with the particular details of their requirement(s)…

We make no bones about it – Technology has made it possible for us to do things that would’ve been extremely difficult if we were relying purely on a BT phone line! – but like one of our old bosses used to say: “get on the phone as your next client/candidate will not fall out of the sky!”…We have to agree – as much as we love the progress we’ve made; we will never beat traditional [face to face] human interaction with any advancement in technology…as good as it is!



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Is The Cover Letter Dead?


Is the Cover Letter dead?

Now this is a topic and a half, but we’ll aim to address it in as few words as possible.

The answer in our opinion is; ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Let us explain…

As most recruiters will testify, we simply don’t have the time to read covering letters from every candidate who applies for every job. Even the ‘super candidate’ who ends up speaking with the recruiter for 1 hour, probably still won’t get his cover letter read.

So why not?

Well, in our humble opinion, a lot of cover letters, are not very well written, or they repeat what is essentially in the CV, and they are not promoted by the employer, the candidate or the recruiter. A bit of a vicious cycle.

The remedy in our opinion is to ‘tailor’ and ‘streamline’ the cover letter and turn it into an ‘addendum’ depending on the job you are going for, the specific skills required; maybe the culture of the prospective employer.

This is where the candidate needs to ‘work smarter’– get as much information about the prospective employer from the recruiter as possible, and then offer to put a brief paragraph or two together, for them to send in the body of the email, to the client, with the CV.

The recruiter should also be pro-active and suggest this to the candidate too.

Straight away, the prospective employer feels like the candidate (and recruiter) have done their homework, and because the cover letter is now in the form of a ‘bite sized chunk’ on email – it is 10x more likely to be read and will have much more of an impact.

If you are applying directly to an employer then, maybe, and depending on how niche your skills are – it could be worth putting a brief covering letter together, but the key is keep it concise and to the point.

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists are currently recruiting for a number of vacancies. Please check some of our listed jobs here;

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, please contact us on; 0845 299 6369.

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Linked In Hide & Seek

As recruiters, we always want people (clients, candidates, referrals) to know that we’ve viewed their profile.

At the very least, using LinkedIn alongside other social networks, isn’t about being bashful with our digital presence, it’s about making sure our target markets are aware of our existence… That’s essentially how a ‘recruitment network’ is built.

So why are so many recruiters still playing social recruiting hide and seek, by restricting their profile identity when they look at profiles?

Let us give you an example of what we mean. We know from Google’s research that when most people use a search engine, they typically only use 2 or 3 words to do a search – e.g. ‘Sales Job Birmingham’. Then you get the results page – typically of ten results (aside from all the sponsored posts). How many of you even look past page one? We don’t have the stats, but I would imagine that it’s not too many!

Due to the clever search engines, like Google, Bing & Yahoo, these ten results will likely yield the links to take you to the right sites to help you find what you need. This ‘minimalist’ searching method also prevails across all the social networks, as we all use the same search habits on whichever platform we use to find stuff.

Unless someone has your name, or you have been included in one of LinkedIn’s referral links such as ‘People You May Know‘, ‘People Similar To‘ or ‘People Also Viewed’ then the chances are,  you are going to have to rely on being found in someone’s search.

So how will people find you?

Well, if you are a recruiter it would be natural for someone to use either of the words recruiting, recruitment, resource or recruiter, wouldn’t it? After all, these are the words that (from our experiences) most people associate with someone that is in a recruitment function. Then when they see the results of their search they see 10 search results (on the first page) showing pictures, names, headlines and relevant lines of their profiles that show the matched keywords.

Now here comes the hide and seek game!

What are some of the many job titles that companies and recruitment agencies give to their employees? Do any of these fit your role – Account Manager, Senior Account Manager, Sourcer, Talent Acquisition Manager, HR Advisor, Talent Scout, Talent Executive, Principal Consultant, Senior Consultant, Team Leader, Owner, Director etc etc

There is of course nothing wrong with these job titles UNLESS you are actively recruiting people via LinkedIn (or any other social media network for that matter). You are not going to appear in as many people’s searches if you use these titles on LinkedIn without the words – recruiting, recruitment or recruiter – associated to them. The recruitment and HR industry is brilliant at using job titles that mean ‘diddly’ to anyone outside recruitment, or even their own company! You may be an Account Manager for your recruitment agency, but for what or for who? It means nothing to the outside world. Just add the word recruitment to the front of the title and suddenly your job title has some meaning to someone outside your company – Recruitment Account Manager, or for other examples: Citrix Support Analyst, VMware Technical Consultant, HR Business Manager and so on…

Our favourite example of this is a financial recruitment company that had given all their many recruitment consultants job titles such as ‘Principal Consultant’, ‘Senior Consultant’ and ‘Managing Consultant’, to make them appear more finance related. They also deliberately wanted to distance themselves from other recruitment agencies. They had their profile summaries ‘professionally’ written for them (they were all the same!), and they avoided using the word ‘recruitment’ anywhere. The MD thought their profiles were brilliant and really put their company on a professional pedestal!

Then the MD was shown some simple Linked In searches that their typical candidates would do to find them. Upon reaching page ten of search results on LinkedIn, and still not one of his consultants appeared… he realised the error!

We are in a candidate driven marketplace and we all need to make sure we maximise every opportunity to be found by the right people – recruiters are absolutely no different.

We also need candidates to find us.

So remember, think of the audience you are trying to reach and use the language they normally use to describe your job function – and then use those in your social media profiles.

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists currently have a host of job opportunities. Call us in complete confidence on; 0845 299 6369


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The Secret Thoughts Of JobSeekers & Employers

Recruiting for today’s current in-demand positions gives everyone involved with the process the ‘heebee jeebees’.  Jobseekers suffer from spam, recruiters hate pestering people for a living, and ever-more-desperate employers wish they could just talk to some serious, intelligent people who know how to get the job done. These are just a couple of the secret thoughts…

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists are calling for a reinvention of the entire “recruitment” process, starting with the way we talk, describe and explain it! With a change of mindset, we can actually start to change the age-old system and make everyone happier: employers & hiring managers, job seekers (both active and passive), and recruiters themselves….

Except, we have a new name for recruiters.  We want to call ourselves ‘connectors’, and this is quite fitting, with one of our company-wide phrases being; ‘We Connect People!’

Serious job seekers want to talk with their fellow professionals and people that understand the process of ‘seeking employment’, not just the process of ‘fulfilling a vacancy’. They don’t want to be a number on database, and they don’t want to run through a gauntlet of recruiters and HR screeners who know nothing about their area of expertise. Hiring managers are jaded by hearing the same two dimensional sales pitch, when all they really want to do, is to deal with someone who has a genuine enthusiasm for their work and the role they’re aiming to fill, and a transparency in regards to the way they work too. Recruiters make them both shudder. However, smart, engaged, peer-to-peer conversations make them feel warm and fuzzy.

Let’s get everyone feeling warm and fuzzy about recruitment! …sorry, I mean about connecting people! 🙂

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, please contact Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists on; 0845 299 6369


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Recruitment vs World Cup


Recruitment vs World Cup

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..As the nation gets ready to enjoy the spectacle of the World Cup, I can’t help but compare recruitment to this great tournament…

Warm up games are very much like the preparatory work that we do as recruiters, when we’re thinking about which clients and candidates to network with and the reasons why we wish to engage with them… It is usually here, that you build your ‘pipeline’ and expectancy for the future.

Winning your World Cup ‘warm up’ games usually sets the tone for how the tournament will go, hence the comparison.

Now, let’s move on to the very first game of the tournament – I will liken this to the moment that you either secure the opportunity to work with a client, and/or put your candidate in front of a potential hirer… How well you execute this process, is a ‘bench mark’ for how the client / candidate will engage with you, from this point moving forward.

How England (or any other nation) perform in the 1st game will very much set an expectation level for the rest of the group stage games…

Now, this is where things start to get interesting… If your first foray (i.e. your client is interested in your 1st candidate) goes to plan, then the request to introduce more candidates, is usually ‘accepted’.  Let’s take this back to the World Cup analogy…If the 1st game goes well, then the players feel confident in expressing themselves and the ‘belief’ that they can ‘win again’ becomes a reality…. As a recruiter, the belief that you can find more candidates that are as good or better than the 1st candidate that you sent to your client grows and breeds the necessary confidence to ‘reproduce’ at the same level.

We are now in the ‘knock-out stages’ – this is where the CV’s you’ve sent will qualify for interview (or not), and have a chance to present themselves in an interview – where they will either rise or fall under the clients’ expectation.

Again, this is very much like the reality of the quarter-final and semi-final of a World Cup.

We are now into the home straight.  The World Cup final!

Will your candidate hold his/her nerve when it comes to meeting the CEO? Will the [England] players, hold their nerve in a penalty shoot-out in the final [against Germany]?

Now, provided that the preparation and planning was right. Provided that the hard work has been put in at every stage of the process. And provided that you remain ‘positive’, ‘constructive’ and ‘determined’ to succeed, there is no reason why you shouldn’t lift the Cup!

In this case, the ‘World Cup’ represents a satisfied client, a happy candidate, and a fee for your services!

Now. Go and win the Euros!

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