…Ready To Sack Your Recruiter? :)




What is the biggest barrier for a hiring manager to overcome when looking to engage a [new] recruiter?


  1. Is it the level of experience and/or expertise that the recruiter has? Maybe.
  2. Is it the overall reputation of the recruitment company they work for? Could be.
  3. Is it because the hiring manager already has a ton of suppliers on a PSL? Possibly.


At Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists we believe that the single BIGGEST obstacle for a CEO / Managing Director / CFO / Line Manager / HR Professional is LOSING money on ‘recruitment gone wrong’.

So, the team at Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists has devised an ambitious and unique campaign to relieve all the potential stress, risk and hassle that comes with locating the best talent for your business.

Let’s let the truth be known – even with all the necessary checks and balances, a new employee/employer relationship may not work out, and this could be down to circumstances beyond everyone’s control; but how do we combat this? How do we make sure that you have the greatest chance of preserving your time & money? How do we limit the chances of an employee taking the wrong job opportunity in the first place?

We have come up with a solution that we believe will resonate with organisations up and down the UK and further afield.

We will give any organisation that chooses to elect Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists a 100% money back guarantee, (in the unlikely circumstance that our candidate leaves within the first 6 months of their employment).

You may be thinking that this offer is too good to be true – why would anyone offer a 100% money back guarantee?

We stand by our service offering and we pride ourselves on delivering a ‘world class’ recruitment solution. Our dedicated team can only offer a high level of service to a small number of partners, so we don’t work with everyone. Also, as well-established recruitment professionals, we know that finding the right talent acquisition partner is a tricky business – so our decades of experience, coupled with our 5-star online customer rating, should put your mind at ease.



Recruitment is in our DNA, which means large parts of our day are spent meeting with, and networking with some of the best talent that the market has to offer. Our network is far-reaching, and we are a trusted partner for many customers, just like you.



Most of the time when you engage a recruitment firm, the person you speak to on the phone, is the ONLY person involved with your recruitment need.

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists operate differently – we ALL have a vested interest in your business and collectively, we leave nothing to chance, and we leave no stone un-turned when it comes to presenting candidates for your vacancy.

 If you are planning on recruiting [IT] staff, or you and would like to know more about this specific campaign, call the team on: 0800 131 0822 or go to: https://jonothanbosworth.co.uk/moneyback/


The subject line to this BLOG is said purely in jest – a joke, a bit of witticism, a funny remark… a gag. Recruitment is a challenging and competitive industry and we respect the work done by all of our qualified peers & competitors.

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