The Secret Thoughts Of JobSeekers & Employers

Recruiting for today’s current in-demand positions gives everyone involved with the process the ‘heebee jeebees’.  Jobseekers suffer from spam, recruiters hate pestering people for a living, and ever-more-desperate employers wish they could just talk to some serious, intelligent people who know how to get the job done. These are just a couple of the secret thoughts…

Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists are calling for a reinvention of the entire “recruitment” process, starting with the way we talk, describe and explain it! With a change of mindset, we can actually start to change the age-old system and make everyone happier: employers & hiring managers, job seekers (both active and passive), and recruiters themselves….

Except, we have a new name for recruiters.  We want to call ourselves ‘connectors’, and this is quite fitting, with one of our company-wide phrases being; ‘We Connect People!’

Serious job seekers want to talk with their fellow professionals and people that understand the process of ‘seeking employment’, not just the process of ‘fulfilling a vacancy’. They don’t want to be a number on database, and they don’t want to run through a gauntlet of recruiters and HR screeners who know nothing about their area of expertise. Hiring managers are jaded by hearing the same two dimensional sales pitch, when all they really want to do, is to deal with someone who has a genuine enthusiasm for their work and the role they’re aiming to fill, and a transparency in regards to the way they work too. Recruiters make them both shudder. However, smart, engaged, peer-to-peer conversations make them feel warm and fuzzy.

Let’s get everyone feeling warm and fuzzy about recruitment! …sorry, I mean about connecting people! 🙂

If you are a client in search of a new recruitment partner, or a candidate looking for your next challenge, please contact Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists on; 0845 299 6369


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