Freelance Sales Consultant

£100000 Per Annum

Freelance Sales Consultant (D2B) | Remote | Commission Only

This is a great opportunity for individuals who enjoy the art of communication, networking and purpose-led campaigns.

>> An explainer-webinar will be held on Thursday 17th June at 19.00hrs <<


This is a ‘direct to business model’ (D2B), putting you at the very heart of the action.

You will be using pre-ordained marketing materials and strategies to bring new customers – i.e. SMEs, entrepreneurs & solopreneurs to an online business hub platform.

This role will suit people who do not want a 'fixed 9-5' with overblown KPIs and unrealistic targets. You can dedicate as little as 10 minutes a day, or 10 hours a week, (or more, if you have the time), and in doing so, you can earn up to £400 in a day*


What makes this sales opportunity different to most, is that once you identify a customer, you will continue to generate an income in perpetuity (i.e. for as long as your customer renews their annual subscription)


If you currently have a full-time job, or if you are in the middle of your studies, or even if you are a ‘stay at home’ parent – this opportunity will work for you too.  It is designed to fit ‘around’ your life, not consume it, and it is a great way to:


You will be invited to community online meetups and be part of a social network that get together online to discuss strategy and success stories, all in a bid to help you do more, be more and enjoy the role more.


If the prospect of helping to take an ambitious ‘tech-based, social-media centric’ brand into the public consciousness, whilst supporting side-hustlers and solopreneurs sounds like your idea of fun, then please send your profile to the team at Jonothan Bosworth Recruitment Specialists, to learn more.

>> An explainer-webinar will be held on Thursday 17th June at 19.00hrs <<

*The statement: ‘earn up to £400 in a day’ is based on introducing circa 5 – 10 people to the platform in 1 day. This is 100% achievable, but our client by no means guarantees this level of daily success.